View Full Version : Lost of Various Photo Categories

10th March 2013, 09:09
It appears the the over and under 10m categories have been amalgamated so there is now only one category for each nation. Also the England decommissioned category has been lost although there are separate decommissioned categories for other nations. There may be other changes that I have not yet found are these planned or is it another example of the web site owners changing the front page formats for the sake of change?



Davie Tait
10th March 2013, 10:45
The decommissioned galleries are going into the Vintage galleries Dave. Reason for the change is to speed the site up , simplify the galleries into country lists and to make the site more secure to prevent the hackers getting back in ( the more galleries the more problems from what I've been told )

There won't be any more changes after these have been put together though


10th March 2013, 11:48
Thanks for explanation Davie, support anything that makes the site more secure.

Dave (stontamar)