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under 10
2nd April 2008, 12:11
never seen a lightweight dredge,anybody ever used them?

2nd April 2008, 15:26
never seen a lightweight dredge,anybody ever used them?

Cannot ever say any of them were lightweight in my experiance at the clams, we did experiment with 2 footers for some time, supposed to be better fishing dredge on ground.Eventually went back to the standard size 2ft 6in.

3rd April 2008, 00:11
We've got a lightweight one we use for getting a fry. I got it with the boat and quite a few of the smaller boats used to tow two of them in wee spots with success. its about 3' 6" wide, a bar with teeth and an A frame made out of 3/4" round steel. Theres no moving parts, I guess it'll be better on softer ground.

We've only tried it twice so far but the last time we had a decent fry of clams. I'm going to add some weight to it as I reckon its a bit light yet.

3rd April 2008, 01:15
I got my mate to bring me one back from New Zealand as they use them out there quite a bit, there's a photo on my website www.bajin-ba777.co.uk then go to the fishing gear bit and its right at the bottom of the page.
Still to try it as the boats not back in the water but from what I'm told they work well.
Here's the guys website in New Zealand http://www.scallopdredge.co.nz/
If you want I can make a drawing of dimensions and material thickness etc, I'm away for the next 5 weeks but will be back in the Scotland for 2 months during May and June, so will quite happily make the drawings up then

under 10
3rd April 2008, 11:05
thanks for replys,actually found a picture of one in Martin Melhuish booklet i bought many moons ago,THE SCALLOPERS HANDBOOK,says published 1994 so i suppose price of dredges has increased a bit since then!,used to have a lightweight 3 footer we used to get a fry many moons ago,