View Full Version : Merry Christmas

23rd December 2012, 19:25
Wishing all the members a very Happy Christmas from us all onboard the Grampian Corsair.

Davie Tait
23rd December 2012, 20:16
All the best Ally here's hoping the weathers decent and you hae a quiet day on Tuesday ( at least make sure the rig doesn't put a MOB practice in the middle o your dinner lol )

23rd December 2012, 22:22
Weathers been awa fae it for 3 days noo Davie,fairing awa the night bit fair old swell runnin off here.One o our platforms want all day close cover on Xmas day so just hay ti do it i suppose,2 platforms want all day cover the morn so going to be kept busy.

23rd December 2012, 23:18
All the best lads a merry xmas to all on the site regards norman

Donegal Bay.
24th December 2012, 02:53
Happy Christmas Ally, safe sailing.