View Full Version : jan denise fr80?

28th March 2008, 11:39
does any one have any pics /info of the jan denise built at jimmy noble,s yard early 70,s, similier to the eastern dawn fr82?

28th March 2008, 11:51
was it this one:


should have some more pics somewhere, will try dig them out, she was tied up in tobermory last summer, been scalloping north of ardnamurchan, even manage to scrounge half a sack full off her (for a small 'handling' fee of course)

28th March 2008, 14:49
She was bought to Mallaig a few year ago then got sold to John McKerral at CN for twin rigging and last I knew then back up to Big Donald at Tobe for scalloping and queenies

28th March 2008, 15:38
at both sides of Oban North Pier - different occasions

28th March 2008, 17:08
looks like she needs a good paint, i do think boats look much better when the wheelhouses are grained.

25th July 2008, 15:51
looks like she needs a good paint, i do think boats look much better when the wheelhouses are grained.

It used to be grained when John had it.

Ive got fond memories of hanging out the wheelhouse spewing my guts up :eek: .

11th September 2008, 21:25
I understand she was ordered from Jimmy Nobles and laid down for the late Gordon Pickering but sadly he was lost from the Ocean Gift soon after the boat was ordered. The order was fulfilled by his close pal Bob Walker both men Scarborough skippers and the ship was named Jann Denise FR80 after Bobs daughter and the ship was always cleanly painted in a distinctive bright turquoise. She was very successful under Bob Walker and fished as a tradional sidewinder from SH from around 1972 until about 1998 when she was sold. She was also a very lucky ship depending on your point of view as she was run down on two seperate occassions without loss of life or injury, on both occassions in the dark with her gear down. The first time as I recall by the german merchant vessel OHMBERG the second merchantmans name I forget. Jann Denise was maintained and kept to the highest standards, beautifully clean and tidy but sadly Bob did have a weakness he was an Arsenal fan and the gunners crest was enblazened across the front of her wheelhouse. I also believe that she was sister ship to Eastern Dawn FR82 skippered by Bertie Ogsten of the Brock, whom I remember herring drifting in Strathbeg FR202 back in the mid sixties

13th September 2008, 03:45
morning merlin.can not remember bob having arsenal crest on casing have you got mixed up with big andy in nicola suzzane he had man utd crest on wheelhouse...............catch you later

22nd September 2008, 23:10
Aye, it still had the crest on it when it went to Campbeltown.