View Full Version : Girl Nancy. Lh.406.

25th March 2008, 16:15
Any Information Or Pics Of This One After She Left Dunbar In The 60s, She Went To Shields, Then Last I Heard She Was At Tain At The Shells???? Jonah..

25th March 2008, 16:28
not sure, but I think she might still be in shields. name rings a bell anyway - I'm sure I've seen her in the royal quays marina on the tyne, I'll have a look later this week as I've got to go down there to have my eyes taken out and rogered senseless (otherwise known as paying the mooring fees for the year)

25th March 2008, 20:55
Cheers Mark, She Was A 42ftr Built Ireland 1941/2.aft Wheelhouse Then And A 66kelvin Which Would All Be Changed Later On I Think..

1st April 2008, 19:34
jonah i think girl nancy was in balbriggan yrs ago:rolleyes:

7th April 2008, 12:48
I was given permission to include this photo on my web pages
photo taken at Balbriggan.

18th April 2008, 22:48
cheers off scotland, cant really say if its her or not from this angle.
she was built 1941.theres a pic of her in young ronnies gallery, a bit on dark side but youll see what she looked like in 1964 appx.