View Full Version : scientist use dogfish to predict weather patterns

quiet waters
25th March 2008, 06:49
on the BBC this morning, scientists are using "moorlachs" spotted dogs, to predict weather patterns, missed the gist of the report but i think the general idea is that you get one, tie it up outside your door, if its wet, its raining, if its dry, its fine, if its stiff, theres a frost, if it sways about, its windy, if its all limp and curled up its warm and if it starts to smell then we're in the middle of a pleasant spell of weather, either that or you've never come across one thats been mashed in a net and left a few days at the height of summer or moored anywhere near one of those tight fisted potters.:D

Davie Tait
25th March 2008, 11:04

quiet waters
25th March 2008, 21:41
nah never work, prefer my method, more reliable, i have a dog thats trained to predict avalanches, ten years and haven't had one yet, all he does is sleep