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cptn rodders
9th November 2012, 14:21
Why bother commenting on photo,s submitted to the gallery, when people who post can,t be bothered to answer. I thought the idea of posting was to display superb models and enter into conversation about them,.....Most dissapointing....Rod

martin johns
9th November 2012, 17:36
Not quite sure what you are getting at Rod. A lot of members can't post or look at the site as often as they would like due to other commitments, due to the nature of the site a lot of members work away at sea.
Another consideration is that the site has not been working quite as it should recently so members may not have been able to access it.

cptn rodders
9th November 2012, 18:48
Hi Martin..What i mean is that i have posted comments that are now days and in some cases weeks old and the people concerned having posted great photo,s just couldn,t be bothered to reply, I realise that in some cases what you say could be the case but not always.....Rod

9th November 2012, 20:37
I have to agree to some of what Rod says.......there have been times when someone post photos and comments are made by other members, and these comments are totally ignored.............but it's not only on this forum but many. Having said that this site is a lot more friendly than one I joined the other day..........I joined so that I could have a chat with a fellow member about a motorcar warranty company......having joined I found that the member had been banned for making one comment that he thought the warranty he'd bought was rubbish.........when I was welcomed by the administrater I said I didn't think my stay would be long if the moderation was so strict...............My account was deleted within 3 hours of joining..............so, some member may not answer or take up such conversation as one would hope, but I suppose that is their perogative..........at least you don't get banned for making a bold statement, lol

cptn rodders
9th November 2012, 20:55
Thanks Neil..I,m glad that someone agrees,..Rod

martin johns
9th November 2012, 21:10
Thanks Rod, I see what you mean. All comments on a photo are notified to the original poster so if & when they can log on they will be aware of the comments that have been made.

cptn rodders
9th November 2012, 21:25
Hi Martin..No problem I just wish that if you can find the time to commend them they can find the time to reply....anyway I,ve had my say so i,ll let it drop....Rod

Donegal Bay.
10th November 2012, 12:18
It's nice to get comments, at least it shows people are taking an interest. There are times Martin when the speed of the site is completely pedestrian and it definetly prevents members from uploading comments or photos. I hope it improves because it is spoiling an otherwise good site.

martin johns
11th November 2012, 16:58
I completely agree Seamus.