View Full Version : RNLB Sir Ronald Pechell BT 14-09 ( Dunbar ) ashore

Davie Tait
22nd March 2008, 13:48
The Dunbar lifeboat RNLB Sir Ronald Pechell BT 14-09 has broken her moorings and been driven ashore in last nights storm. Damage still being assessed but hull damage a distinct possibility.

23rd March 2008, 15:04
lifeboat guy told me the boat is a write-off davie!
they are taking out engines and equipment!

Davie Tait
23rd March 2008, 17:00
Guess that wouldn't be a surprise after seeing the photos and the tv report showing the hull damage. Not a good day for the RNLI

Galley Boy
26th March 2008, 17:03
Shes getting lifted today by the same Barge that took Portrush Severn to
Plymouth (free of charge) to Hartlepool

Barend from Harlingen
26th March 2008, 21:51
From the RNLI website: