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Davie Tait
24th October 2012, 21:36

Fish such as cod, Atlantic salmon, mackerel and lamprey have been recommended for inclusion on a list of priority Scottish marine species.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is identifying wildlife and habitats that require conservation action.

Cold-water coral reefs and horse mussel beds are also listed.

SNH expects the list to be put out for public consultation before being considered for adoption by the Scottish government.

It contains 36 habitats and 46 species drawn from an original list of 324 species and 151 habitat types.
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Other creatures listed for the Priority Marine Features project include sea trout, anglerfish, ling, whiting, common skate, sand goby and basking shark.

Selecting species went through a process of four stages, which included assessments by scientists and experts at National Museums Scotland.

A report commissioned by SNH said fish species formed "a significant proportion of the recommended list".

The reported added: "However, the decisions as to which species to include were not straightforward, particularly in relation to commercial fish species considered to be threatened or to have suffered severe decline.

"The recommended list took into account decisions made at a joint workshop with scientists from Marine Scotland Science."

Davie Tait
24th October 2012, 21:36
More nonsense from the greenies , time to close SNH down I think its just full of greanpeace numpties after all

25th October 2012, 10:56
the fact that they have included whiting tells me they dont have a clue about the real state of the fish stocks.thats one fish that will never be endangered.i just think someone is trying to close all fishing down.