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21st March 2008, 19:33
Anyone know what happened to the helena fr 178?built in early to mid seventies skippered by a duthie came down to n shields summer of 75 with rest of herring fleet paired up with kalista fr107 we used to adopt a boat when we were kids and sometimes went away

27th March 2008, 04:14
Became the Ocean Quest and burned out in Fraserburgh harbour last year, should be some pics of it on here somewhere.

21st April 2008, 17:51
thanks for info

21st April 2008, 17:53
thanks for info nearest picture would be sister ship the kimara

22nd April 2008, 03:08
Helena (shelterdecked) (http://www.mcaorals.co.uk/Photos/Fraserburgh%20Boats/Use/151%20-%20200/images/FR-178-Helena_jpg.jpg)

27th April 2008, 19:12
thanks for photo. would appreciate any more

10th October 2008, 16:28
Theb Helena was skippered by Alex Duthie senior,later by young Duth or young Alex,

I started my seagoing career onboard the sister ship Kimara skippered by Alexs brother Charlie

Originall crew of both vessels in 1978 when i left school Kimara,Charlie Duthie/Skipper
George Stephen or cokums George was Mate,

Charles T Buchan ,or Charlie T as he was known,he now owns the Patna bar in North road west in Plymouth,who took over as mate when George left

Charles Cardno or CHisel as he was known was a deckie,still living in Fraserburgh but now retired spent the last few years working on Standby vessels before retiring

Charlie Lawrence,thats me,or Flump as i was known then,now working in the oilindustry,presently sailing as Firast officer on the largest crane barge in the world,Thialf

John Bannerman,or JB as he was know was the cook,or suddin pudding man as we sometimes called him,now retired

Brian Penny,or Penny as he was know,great laugh and good engineer sadly died earlier this year while working on the prawn trawler Uberous FR 50

Dougie Beedie,or Duggie,what a character to sail with and still is had a joke for every occasion

Helena crew
Alex Duthie sen Skipper
James ????? or maggie rose as we called him was mate
Alex Duthie jun,or young Duth ended up skipper
Jim Buchan,Engineer or Black Jim as he was always covered in oil hence the name
James Buchan,cook or Fikeys Jim as he was known
Gilbert Watt,or Gibb,from Gardenstown
Ian Shockles from Rosehearty
have probably missed someone out but if i have someone will correct me

25th March 2012, 19:12
Johnnie strachan was first mate when the Helena came down to shields first time. My dad gave him some racing pigeons cos I think his son was just starting up in keeping them.