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17th October 2012, 06:56
Good day.

Although a newbie here I'm no newbie to model making but I have to admit very little knowledge of steam trawlers. Hence my desperation plea!

I am currently undertaking the build of a model of the Hall Russel trawler ‘Nerine’, yard number 688 (sister ships, ‘Disa’ and ‘Arum’) built for Irvin and Johnson of South Africa in 1925. I have ordered and hope to soon receive the general arrangements and hull lines drawings from the Aberdeen Maritime Museum (all thanks to them for this).

From the small scale drawings of the ‘Disa’ available on the internet I notice that the GA drawings don’t show very much detail. I am familiar with steam tugs but not steam side trawlers and am somewhat concerned over some of the details not shown on the GA drawings. For example, I don’t see any details of the visible parts of the steering chain from ?engine room to quadrant, details of the trawl winch and details of the fore deck hand (anchor) winch, and rigging details. Although I have managed to obtain some old photographs of the ‘Nerine’ taken in the 1930s none of them show the above details.

Anybody here have some ideas, suggestions or photographs which might help me on this please?

With all digits held,

ps. The 'Nerine' was the trawler that caught the first living coelacanth in 1938 and then rose to fame a second time (as minesweeper trawler HMSAS Nerine) as one of the vessels that repeatedly went to the rescue of passengers and crew of the 'Dunedin Star' which was wrecked on the Namibian 'Skeleton Coast; in 1942!