View Full Version : Commemoration Peasens-Moddergat 1883

Barend from Harlingen
17th March 2008, 18:28
In the Frisian twin-village Peasens-Moddergat a commemoration service was held last saturday for the 83 fishermen from this village drowned at sea during a storm on the 6th of March 1883. From the twenty-two fishing vessels that headed out for sea, only five returned. After 125 years this disaster still has its impact on the local community.

Other fishing communities also suffered: Urk lost 26 fishermen on eight ships, Zoutkamp lost nine fishermen on three ships and Den Helder lost one vessel with three fishermen. In total 121 Dutch fishermen lost their lives at sea that day in 1883.



That life at sea is still dangerous is indicated by the following accident on March 03. An experienced crewmember of HD-70 "Hanny" was hit by a steel wire and killed. Michal Wirwinsky was of Polish nationality and sailed already many years on this boat. He is leaving a wife and two children and will be buried at his hometown near the Baltic Sea.