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Davie Tait
2nd October 2012, 16:55
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A CALL for more networking between Grimsby's large seafood processors and their small and medium counterparts appears to have met with a positive response.

At the Humber Seafood Summit in Grimsby recently Grimsby Institute Business Advisor Ivan Jaines-White, spoke to the audience about the new 3-million seafood village and how it was transforming the industry locally.

During his speech he said that the offshore wind energy industry companies in Grimsby were now holding regular meetings with local suppliers, in a move which had the potential to generate a lot of new business. Mr Jaines-White said would dearly love to see the same kind of networking between the major seafood companies in Grimsby and the smaller firms. "I am sure it would prove very beneficial," he added.

He later disclosed that he had received positive feedback from two large companies and he was optimistic that regular 'meet the buyer' style meetings would be instigated in the New Year.

He earlier told his audience that the seafood village project was a tremendous achievement by two local fish merchants, Peter Dalton and Gary Cadey who had a vision a few years ago and saw it to successful completion.

It meant that mean that small and medium processors now had an opportunity to move out of their outdated premises into modern new units on a specially designed and built seafood village site.

"The village is now the place to be," he said. "It has business growth potential and will help revitalise the industry and sustain our small and medium processors. It also has international potential because quite recently it attracted Chinese attention," he told the audience.

"It will also enable our small and medium processors to get involved with the bigger processors and retailers like Morrisons."
He said that would like to see the same type of co-operation between the large seafood companies and the smaller firms as was happing with the nearby offshore energy industry by holding regular meetings together.

He also spoke of the need to get more young blood with the necessary skills into the processing industry. "There is a skills gap and an age gap emerging here in Grimsby. In a few years time a lot of the present players will be looking towards retirement and for that reason we do need to encourage young people into the industry."