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Davie Tait
13th March 2008, 14:40

Click on that and vote guys ( you have to use an email address but not a problem ) and pass the word to the boys out and about. Lets see if we can't get some help to the fleet.


13th March 2008, 18:18
I've signed so i hope it helps Davie

13th March 2008, 23:01
signed up but they wont listen in this dictatorship of a country just added this petition to another website if thats alright

Davie Tait
13th March 2008, 23:19
The more the merrier Will thats what its there for , hopefully someone will listen but like you its a long shot

13th March 2008, 23:27
Time is coming for more blockades Davie,sea and land this is an island and the government can be brought to its knees if it was kept up they dropped the taxes last time,so it can be done as long as the emergency services were kept going so that bad feelings and propoganda by the government doesnt turn the tide

13th March 2008, 23:32
already had a few signatures from the other site Davie

quiet waters
14th March 2008, 02:11
signed and added to the kintyreforum, hopefully it will get more widespread support

Davie Tait
14th March 2008, 16:13
I sent Bob Kennedy at FishUpdate the link to the petition and he's put it on their website
http://www.fishupdate.com/news/fullstory.php/aid/10346/Fishers_urge_action_on__exorbitant__fuel_price_dif ferences.html

Hopefully Dave Linkie will manage to persuade the Fishing News to carry the link as well.


14th March 2008, 16:25
cant see it on ship nostalgia yet Davie not put a link on there yet

Davie Tait
14th March 2008, 16:28
As a moderator over there i'm reluctant to put it in Will , someone else can put it in if they want but I can't just now

14th March 2008, 16:29
I will put it up just now Davie do you mind if I copy your text at the top of this thread now up in mess deck and fishing vessel forums Davie

Davie Tait
14th March 2008, 16:32
Just use "Fuel price petition" Will and the link in the Fishing Forum , thanks

14th March 2008, 16:33
done now and kept your name well out

Davie Tait
14th March 2008, 16:34
I've deleted the Mess Deck one Will , thats not the right place and left the one in the Fishing Forum. Just once was enough so thanks

14th March 2008, 16:38
Just put it in the mess deck for the wider community that dont look in the fishing forum thats all Davie at least they might have seen it there

Davie Tait
14th March 2008, 20:07
Aye but the site boss would have deleted it or moved it Will thats why its better in the Fishing forum. Most of the people that use the fishing gallery over there look in here too so shouldn't be too much of a problem

Davie Tait
17th March 2008, 20:52
The petition is now listed on the FishUpdate website ( Bob is trying to get it into the next issue ) and it should be in next weeks Fishing News. Over 80 signed so far so lets hope many many more sign up

Davie Tait
18th March 2008, 20:55
Well thats 5 days down the line and 102 people have signed the petition at this rate we will have enough to force this onto the desk of the bean counters yet.

Keep it up guys the more that sign the better

jd mcmillan
24th March 2008, 00:04
Congratulations boys we've reached 150 lets hope this is the start of our fight!!!!

Davie Tait
24th March 2008, 00:11
Aye i've been looking into the No10 site and they've changed the minimum to 200 but at this rate it will not matter. Thanks to David Linkie the petition was in this weeks Fishing News so hopefully as boats come in more will sign up.


24th March 2008, 22:43
It is about time we all took a stand the French and Spannish would not take this so why should we.We are needing to show a united front and let them know we wont be forced out of buisness without a fight. If we dont there will not be much of a fleet left in the uk. Bring back the blockades and do it right well planed and well carried out. Bring the country to a stand still we can do it I know we can. Come on boys lets get a move on before its too late and we get pushed out. The longer we leave it the harder it is going to be Im sure the truckers and others will do there bit. Lets show the B-----Ds what we are made of

25th March 2008, 17:08
"ky"boys are up for it robert!!!;)

25th March 2008, 19:01
We should get it planned for the same day the Irish boys if at all possable. Hopfully the rest of the port seton men will be up for it .Do you know if the pd/fr/bck/ins men have any thing planned.It will have to be nation wide to make them take any notice.If we are going ahead with it I may be able to get a reporter from edinburgh evening news to cover it she will be able to notify one or two of the nationals of what is going on.We need publisaty before hand so any buissneses on land who is afected can get somthing planned. The bigger it is the better the impact will be

25th March 2008, 22:39
something like that would need planning boys and checked out there would be a lot of men up for it

26th March 2008, 03:30
Does anyone know if the farmers and those involved in transport or anyone else affected by the rising feul prices have any thing in mind or how we can notify them and see if they can woul be interested in getting involved. Is there trade unions on the web ?

Davie Tait
29th March 2008, 22:01
Thats 176 signatures by 10pm tonight , lets just hope that more men sign up and we can do something about this

ricki johnston
30th March 2008, 04:25
signed buddy 263 a gall last week west loch

4th April 2008, 20:23
Farmer in Turriff area complaining they are paying 60p ltr, and it is having a serious effect, due to the large amount of machinery now involved in farming.

6th April 2008, 18:59
193 on now A few more to go yet,havent seen t in the Fishing news yet maybe just missed it

Davie Tait
6th April 2008, 19:34
It was in the first edition after it started so we just have to keep on spreading the news about this to try and try to get some action too

Davie Tait
9th April 2008, 19:18
197 so only 3 more needed guys

http://www.fishupdate.com/news/fullstory.php/aid/10577/Borg_pleases_producers'_association_and_pledges_fu el_action.html
hopefully Borg is not telling lies again and that he will force action to curb fuel costs

9th April 2008, 19:47
think we should maybe hold our breath a wee bit davie
and not get too excited just yet lol
fingers crossed tho

12th April 2008, 16:58
200 now Davie was that the amount you needed or is it more

Davie Tait
12th April 2008, 19:44
Thats good news Will thats the amount we needed to force them to look at the petition. I see that Carol ( Cod Crusader ) was getting a Fuel Petition going down at the Glasgow show last weekend and has a few thousand signatures so hopefully we can force a change

24th May 2008, 20:32
signed up as well

Ali N
26th May 2008, 09:42
Signed it Davie

27th May 2008, 13:53
just signed up.70.5p today in stornoway n tanker due in next couple of days from grangemouth,been told price going up 2 or 3 pence anyway.might have 2 go 2 sail power yet but probably get taxed on that.:(

15th June 2008, 15:25
signed... :rolleyes: but will they listen

18th June 2008, 10:54
That's me signed as well......you boys need all the help you can get at present!! Total 266 as I write....Trev

23rd June 2008, 10:02
Blockade Grangemouth, Aberdeen and PD and it'll all come to a grinding halt.

young knoxy
23rd June 2008, 17:24
Thats Me Signed It Guys Currently At 272 As I Write

bitter end
20th August 2008, 18:53
here is the reply - http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/FishermensFuel/ just received

20th August 2008, 19:09
here is the reply - http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/FishermensFuel/ just received

Got the same e-mail, waste of time as i thought it would be :rolleyes: