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9th March 2008, 00:15
My son has been on holiday in Australia for the past two years. He's had a great time but decided to come home. He got a flight from Darwin to Singapore and then announced he didn't like planes!

After a hectic three days he's booked on the mv Hanjin Brussels from Singapore to Naples on 14 March

Container ship cruising is the way to go!

14th March 2008, 20:33
I suppose what I should have mentioned in my original thread was the name of the company my son booked through!


This company is based near Felixstowe and the service received was first class. We found them simply because they have a very small ad at the back of the RNLI magazine, but I think they deserve more publicity than that!

By way of an update, my son has been on the ship for less than 24 hours and has already been up on the bridge with the Captain.:)

quiet waters
19th March 2008, 20:05
very interesting, if you could afford the 84 day trip you could afford the cost of red. i'd fancy it but the wife is not so keen