View Full Version : Discarding fish on a Norwegian trawler , something they claim doesn't happen

Davie Tait
22nd August 2012, 15:45

It dumped several tons

Here is video of several described as a "horror" from the trawler. The film was made in May last year, when inspectors from the Directorate was aboard a finnmark rays in fishing off Troms.

- Resource Waste
The film shows a haul of an estimated 70-80 tons being pulled halfway up on the trawl deck. The trawler had no capacity to take on board the haul - therefore the bag cut open and dead and dying fish are washed to sea. According to Axel R. Eikemo of Fisheries was the amount that was released into the ocean about five tons.

- This is just one example of what happens when the tools are larger and more efficient, while the sea is full of fish. We accept not at such a waste of resources, said Axel R. Eikemo, Director of Resources Department of Fisheries, which meets industry Wednesday to discuss measures.

- Grotesk and discouraging
Leader of the Norwegian Coastal Fishermen Arne Pedersen describes spill as grotesque and depressing and wonders what this emission allowance accounting going on. He expects that the fisheries minister will take a closer look at the film.

- No general condition
President Audun Maråk the Fishing Vessel Owners Association, says that unfortunately happens sometimes, but do not tell about the general state of the trawl sector.

He believes the movie clip shows a controlled situation that was about to salvage a crowded haul. The crew acted responsibly and orderly, he said.

- 80-90 percent of the cod released this way survive, says Maråk. (No they don't being dragged up from depth , squashed in a cod end then dumped like this mean the vast bulk of the fish will have been dead or dying on the surface , Davie)