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6th March 2008, 19:10
does anyone have any photos of the morning spray that used to be in holyhead.It was a steel beamer but was scalloping.It was later called william k by elwyn who bought it i think,not too sure but i think it might of sank not too sure why does anybody know why?

has anyone got any info on this vessel

8th March 2008, 17:38
i have a pic of her ill put it up 4 u no 1 nows how it sank it went down in canarvon day mate

8th March 2008, 17:44
built in Holland in 1952

1952 tx-36 de hoop
1963 ha-46 marijtje
1968 hd-46 leuntje jacoba
1973 ct-101 morning spray
later bs-153 morning spray and william k

9-6-2005 sank 15 miles north of Bardsley island, crew safe


9th March 2008, 07:19
thanks for that

22nd November 2013, 23:02
My dad owned it when it sank.