View Full Version : Fish groups urged to get in early on new legislation proposals

Davie Tait
13th August 2012, 18:51
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GET in at the beginning of any new fishing legislation or face problems later - that's the advice from the National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations.

The NFFO says it has learned valuable lessons on the importance of being in at the start after the "frustrating experience" of being told by government officials that their hands are tied by decisions taken years ago.

"Discussions about international conventions and apparently obscure meetings about bio-diversity and fisheries science, despite appearances, can have profound consequences for the regime under which fishing vessels have to operate years later.

"Fishing vessel safety rules and the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive are two good examples of chickens which come home to roost after many years."

The Federation adds: "It is for this reason that you will find an NFFO representative in Geneva every year or so at the International Labour Organisation meetings on fishing vessel safety. Having a fishing representative in the room with a practical understanding of fishing can save both lives and hundreds of thousands of pounds through astute interventions.

"Similarly, science meetings and policy conferences can sometimes seem remote from the everyday challenges of wresting a living from the sea. But alerting fisheries scientists and policy makers to facets of fishing or fisheries management of which they are unaware can make a crucial difference between successful or unsuccessful policies further down the road. The Federation makes a judgement on the possible long term significance of all meetings and where there are likely to be industry implications we will make the effort to participate.

"All this work goes alongside the more immediate, fire-fighting, part of the Federation's work. But it is much easier to fight fires if the biggest flames have been doused years ago through judicious intervention."