View Full Version : old wooden beamer "silver seagull"

5th March 2008, 20:57
does any body know what happened to an old wooden beamer she was about 50 foot and had a scania in she was called silver seagull she was in wales for a while then went to falmouth and i think barry west had itad scollped with it i also think she was brixham registerd but i might be wrong she had an aft wheelhouse,she also beamed in scotland for a while in the early 80's

martin johns
5th March 2008, 22:09
Hi Skipper,
Silver Seagull was bought from Clive Emmerson (I think) of Plymouth in the late eighties.
She was fitted with a new wheelhouse & re-registered as FY 476 & continued scalloping until 1993 when she was de-commissioned & scrapped at Hooe Lake in Plymouth.
Her keel can still be seen there at low tide.

Photo showing her here : - http://www.trawlerphotos.co.uk/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=24937

6th March 2008, 08:19
thanks for that

12th March 2008, 14:35
Martin, is that the same one as BM 223 ?

martin johns
12th March 2008, 17:42
Yes, same boat Trev.

7th April 2008, 16:01
Martin, do you have a photo of what remains of her at Hooe Lake ??