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Davie Tait
7th August 2012, 15:28

Tuesday, 07 August 2012 10:16

THE final programme is now available for the Humber Seafood Summit, which takes place at Grimsby’s Humber Seafood Institute on September 19-20.

This two day event is funded by Seafish and the conference theme, ‘The Big Issues’ will be introduced by Professor Callum Roberts, guest speaker at the official launch evening, and author of Oceans of Life. His book has been the subject of much debate around sustainability and fisheries science within industry and in the media since its publication early this year.

Anita Barker, Chair of the Humber Seafood Group, said: “We have already received a great deal of interest in the event this year, and many delegates had registered before the programme was even confirmed. Our theme is ‘The Big Issues’, and we feel that the programme of speakers and presentations address many of them head on, giving the benefit of expert knowledge and a global perspective. We feel confident that attendance figures will continue to rise, ensuring that the event will also present a valuable opportunity for delegates to network, sharing knowledge and best practice, for the benefit of industry.”

Speakers will present on a range of subjects, including the ongoing fight against illegal fishing at sea, global sustainability of a range of fisheries and consumer perceptions of seafood. The programme reflects the current industry focus on sustainability and promises to bring together leading experts to spark meaningful discussion on the current issues, and how the international picture is shaping up for the future.

To register your place at the conference, please email: humberseafoodsummit@seafish.co.uk