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4th March 2008, 02:53
Does anyone have the lines for any of Tony Goodall's double enders built at Sandsend nr Whitby, or where I can obtain them.

Thanks in anticipation

4th March 2008, 23:00
i think they where all built by eye. sombody might correct me. there was a firm coles boatyard that took the mould of a 20 foot goodall built double ender and produced fiberglass ones. there are several at runswick bay, i dont know if they would still have any lines or plans. i have a wooden 20 foot one built roughly 30 years ago, there are pictures in my gallery. i have owned her for 20 years they are fantastic little sea boats.

5th March 2008, 14:10
Thanks for the reply, I think after setting up the stem, ram plank, keel (or tunnel in the case of yorkies), and stern to ascertain the required length,all of the coble builders did build by eye.
I just wondered if anyone had any lines they had taken off themselves, I used to have a set ,I measured and drew up in the 60's of the Sunderland registered coble 'Glad Tidings". but these went astray. somewhere in my worldy travels.
Thanks again Valhalla.
As you are a coble man, you wouldn't know the whereabouts of a 42 ft half decked coble named Burncrest, it was owned by Pat and Joe Owens of Whitburn Co. Durham, when I emigrated to Australia in 1980, she had a 72 hp Gardener in as far as I can remember, had a lots of good trips in her in those days.

5th March 2008, 21:46
hi again
i havent been a coble man for many years.
sadly i dont know anything about he burnscrest apart from knowing that she was the largest coble ever built by ronnie dawson at seahouses, maybe somebody else may be able to help.
there is a good book called fishing boats of whitby and district by gloria wilson printed by hutton press. there is a good portion of the book dedicated to coble and double ender building by tony goodall in the book (i have seen this book on ebey and amazon)
hope this is of some use
regards david

5th March 2008, 22:09
Thanks again for the info.
much appreciated

5th March 2008, 22:42
This might be her mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/burncrest.seafishing/ (says the boat's 42ft)

P.S. I think the 'Fishing Vessels of Whitby and District' book is out of print now.

6th March 2008, 10:52
Sam, this could well be her, only she is a Northumbrian coble, which the lines in the pics show, she hasn't got the high bow which would evident if she was a yorkie especially for a coble of this size.the wheel house has been added, she had two bunks and a coal stove, under the half deck, when I last saw her. nice to have on a cold night at the salmon driving.
Thanks again for the link.

27th April 2009, 12:07
Sadly Burncrest is no more! She was so rotten that I had to break her up at Goole Boatyard in 2006.
I have her small commercial vessel certificate which states that she was built in 1959. It also mentions Hartlepool but thatís probably where she was working before she moved to Caenarfon in North Wales. When she was broken she had a Ford D Series 6 cylinder engine (250 bhp?). She also had the number PBL 118 and was used for sea angling and pleasure trips. Ironically, she was burned on the crest of a hill! I have photos and more info if you want it.