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2nd March 2008, 19:54
Hello all,

At the end of March I've a few days off.
Making some plans to go to the UK to spot some fishingvessels.
I was wondering where the most MFV are coming in on Friday and Saturday wih daylight...;)

I'm thinking of Brixham or Penzance.

Please advice or other ideas!

Kind regards,


martin johns
2nd March 2008, 20:55
Hi HD 191,
The end of Brixham breakwater is a good spot if you have a fairly long zoom lens.
Also the harbour entrance at Newlyn is good. Newlyn is about a mile from Penzance & is the main fishing harbour.
There are also pontoon berths at Newlyn where you can get good pictures of the moored boats with a wide angle lens.

2nd March 2008, 21:21

Thanks for your advice!
Newlyn sounds good, also near trainstation.
Do you know when the most MFV coming in to unload?At what time?

For example, here in Scheveningen vessels are coming in Fridaymornings at 0400:mad: :mad:

Kind regards,


martin johns
2nd March 2008, 22:49
Not sure about landing times. At Brixham there are usually boats coming & going all the time if the weather is good. The closest train station to Brixham on the main line is probably Totnes. If you can get off there it is about 10 miles to Brixham by bus or taxi but not all trains stop at Totnes.
If you get off the train at Exeter the trip to Brixham is about 20 miles by bus or taxi.

The Penzance train station is at the end of the main-line & is about 1 mile from Newlyn
For landing information on Newlyn try a PM to Valhalla as I know he often lands into there.
If you are coming to Newlyn during a period of spring-tides all the big gill-netters will be in port but won't be going anywhere.

2nd March 2008, 23:18
Thanks again for your usefull advice!:)

This is the tidalpredictions for 27th of March.
Look it good or should I stay home?;)

Thu 27th Mar 2008
01:52 1.37m LW 07:25 4.81m HW
14:04 1.54m LW 19:45 4.75m HW
Fri 28th Mar 2008
02:21 1.64m LW 07:57 4.53m HW
14:35 1.82m LW 20:21 4.49m HW
Sat 29th Mar 2008
03:01 1.93m LW 08:38 4.21m HW
15:18 2.11m LW 21:15 4.20m HW

I'll sent Valhalla a PM!

Thanks again!

21st March 2008, 22:12
Booked a small trip to Newlyn next week :D
Hopefully good wheather.:cool: