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Davie Tait
24th February 2008, 15:59
Just had an Email from new member landluber

Hi all,
For the last couple of weeks I've been a non registered viewer of this site and have enjoyed all the photo's that have been listed some of which have brought back memories of my teenage years !!!! As a child I live in Peterhead (1952-57) and then move south to Glasgow (please note my father was in the army),but spent weekend holidays in Peterhead in the early 60's.
I've noted that there are few pictures of the Peterhead boats of the 60's (have only found the Fairweather and Rival) but I have some (only abt 12) black and white photo's of Peterhead boats and of the fishmarket but am unable to put them on the web.
Some of these photos my father took and I feel they show the old Peterhead fish market area as it was in the 60's. The few I took are of just the fishing boats, but I have 2 of the second Fairweather (PD197) on the day she entered Peterhead ( I think it was summer 1965). (on a Kodak brownie) I live in East Ayton, near Scarborough, and have noted that there are members in the Whitby area who put there photo's on the site, so is there any one out there who can help me make my small contribution to the history of the Scottish fishing industry.
Regards Pete H

Is anyone local to Pete able to help guys ??