View Full Version : New Marine protection zones expected next month

Davie Tait
5th June 2012, 20:59
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THE Marine Management Organisation has said that it intends to confirm the next marine protection zone areas by July, as work on the current plan areas continues.

The current plan covering an area from Flamborough Head to Felixstowe are expected to be in draft form by the end of this year , and the MMO will start work on the next marine plans in October this year, following the announcement in July.

The MMO said: "We have already begun working with stakeholders in the future plan areas so we are well prepared for the challenges ahead.We have also completed an early review of the marine planning timeline for all 10 of the plans around England, as promised in our Corporate Plan.

This review has allowed the MMO to use the experience it has gained so far. It has also concluded that it needs to work on a planning assumption of two marine plans over a period of two years and nine months.

"This will allow for evidence base development, stakeholder participation, planning decisions and the production of two marine plans," the MMO adds. "We remain committed to delivering all 10 marine plans no later than 2021, and will meet this target by overlapping the production of marine plans.

"As always, we will continue to learn from our experiences of plan production and will regularly review the process for delivery of the 10 marine plans, seeking to deliver them earlier than 2021 if possible."

While recognising the need for some form of marine protection, many fishermen are worried that these new zones will lead to "no go" fishing areas being created when they are not necessary. Scottish, English, Welsh and Northern Irish fishermen have formed a coalition to keep a careful watch on developments.