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20th May 2012, 14:45
Is it just me or is anyone else having problems, cant get into My Photos? the whole site seems to be a nightmare to get on with now :mad: And cant get onto the site atall on my I-phone Also when i go into say " England over 10" only two photos come up, and thats two more photos then every other catergory HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!:mad:

Davie Tait
20th May 2012, 16:12
We know we have problems with the mobile side of the site Dan the guys at the tech side are working on it , also if a gallery hasn't had a photo uploaded for more than 24 hours it doesn't show any photos ( if you use the search link and select the gallery that way you can still see the photos ) as it looks like the default settings have been changed to only show photos from the last 24 hours , we're hoping to have that sorted ASAP as well


2nd June 2012, 15:38
Cheers Davie all seems to be good now:)

3rd June 2012, 17:10
site seams to get worse I have problems with photos and the front page to the web site needs a big sort out the techy guys need to get the site sorted not good enough for a good site getting worse........Get it sorted...????