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Davie Tait
21st February 2008, 22:34
Just had an Email in can any of you fine gents help out ??

Hi there i am trying to find photos of some old boats that my dad sailed on or owned as he has lost his power of speech i cannot get all the information that i need all i have is
1.the "Stewart McIvor" don't know if that is how you spell it and i dont know the number either it was registered to hartlepool when he was on it about 50 years ago.
2.Star of Hope LH** dont know much more about that think it was registered to eyemouth
3.Border Lassie bk 44 Think this is BH44 and in the gallery , Davie

if you can help that would be great if not no worries thanks anyway from
margaret grant

Bob Murphy
22nd February 2008, 20:00
Could this one be the Star of Hope?


Davie Tait
22nd February 2008, 20:18
Could be Bob but I think it was possibly an older boat as the first boat on the list was mid 1950's so looking at maybe mid 1960's or so for the Star of Hope but I could be wrong

The Harbour Cat
22nd February 2008, 22:55
Matt Currie of Ayr had a boat called Star of Hope early 80's dont knw where she came from though sh was about 50 odd ft:o

23rd February 2008, 22:30
Think there were 3 Star of Hopes, all for Port Seton and LH reg, 1948 built LH260 at Cockenzie, 1959 built LH274 at Arbroath, and the 3rd one built as LH260 at Eyemouth in 1970. I have pics of all 3, also Border Lassie. However, I can't post them on the site as I didn't take the pics. If you pm me your email address, then I can send them by email. Alternatively i could print them off and drop them off somewhere in Eyemouth.
Don't know of Stewart McIvor, but Olsens lists a Stuart T. McIvor BCK170 in late 50s.
Are you the Margaret Grant who helped me out with pics of Star of Bethlehem LH400 a few years ago? You left them in Eileen's cafe for me...

25th February 2008, 21:20
Margaret replied by email, and i have sent SOH and BL pics to her. Can anyone else help with Stuart T. McIvor BCK170?