View Full Version : 13/02/2007 - Some database issues

Dave Leishman
13th February 2007, 22:29

If you're getting some issues with connecting to the database then I apologise. I suspect another website sharing the same server may be causing issues with shared resources.

The webhost I'm with is normally very quick in tracking down problems sites and dealing with them, so I'd expect the problem to cease soon.

I'll continue to monitor and if problems persist then I'll raise a support ticket to have it looked at.

Dave Leishman
14th February 2007, 13:16
OK - I had an email from the webhost this morning. Apparently we've used up all the disk space for the domain and database corruption was being caused.

I need to close down the Trawlermodels site and transfer all space to this domain. I can do that when I get home tonight.

Please refrain from uploading lots of photos for the moment until I get the space transferred across later.

Dave Leishman
14th February 2007, 18:58
I've now doubled the available disk space and tripled the bandwidth allowance, so we're ok for now.

I'm working on downloading the necessary photos on the Trawlermodels site, following which I'll close it and transfer the remainder of the disk space and bandwidth allowance to this site.

15th February 2007, 16:14
Dave is there a limit to the size of picture for uploading?

Dave Leishman
15th February 2007, 20:39
Maximum allowable image size is 1024x768 pixels.

If a larger image is uploaded then the software will resize it to the sizes quoted above.