View Full Version : Somebody dislikes this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

29th April 2012, 20:07
Hi there,

Attached a screenshot (section) of symantec anti-virus warning on this site.



Donegal Bay.
7th May 2012, 13:13
I have been unable to access the site since 28th of April until today, my anti virus (AVG) warned of black hole exploit (2146 I think) each time I tried to enter. Has anybody else experienced this, is the problem with AVG or with our Website?

7th May 2012, 13:20
Yes i have had the same problems, we have avg aswell, i think its the same message as last time this happened.

Davie Tait
7th May 2012, 15:27
Looks like the guys have got rid of the trojan virus' again guys , this is getting more and more annoying ( which is why these bar-stewards do it ) and we may need to change the software we use for the site as it seems that its possibly holes in the security in Vbullettin that is allowing the hackers to get into the server