View Full Version : Has anyone got old Photos Of Plymouth Vessels?

Cawsand Fisherman
16th February 2008, 17:21
Has anyone got old photos Of Plymouth fishing vessels such as the Bobby, Juno, Robin John, Robert Barge, Pentille, Helga Irene, Saxton Princess etc. It would great to see some of these old vessels photos on the site.

21st March 2008, 18:59
only 1 of Pentillie ive ever seen is in the Dolfin

8th April 2008, 12:16
Martin & Darren have loads......many on this site, inc. Robert barge before and after conversion to a yacht.

23rd May 2008, 20:55
Alas I haven't got any of the Pentillie PH43
Her and the Fletelady were biggest in the fleet in Plymouth in the 70's opened up a plank and sank steaming home with Terry Bunker at the helm in 1981 I think, owned by Mashfords for years:(

24th March 2009, 22:16
The Aaltje Margriet PH177 is back in Holland, here in the museumport Rotterdam.


7th May 2011, 20:25
stern of the pentille


willie wallis
9th July 2011, 22:44
hi work on her when i left school [pentillie] x admiralty mfv have two very small colour snaps of her plymouth regatta day 1970 need to dig them out not to sure how to send them to you by email willie wallis

9th July 2011, 23:44
Scan them Willie and post them on here !!!!