View Full Version : Gallery Front Page Format

20th April 2012, 17:55
Can I please ask if the front page that provides access to the various photograph categories has changed or have I done something to change the default setting.

The present setting is headed Gallery: Jim Pottinger and has a break down of each category headed with a description of the category and a thumbnail view of the latest photograph loaded into that category.

Purely personal view but if it has changed, and I haven't disturbed the default setting in some way, I much prefer, for ease of use, the old format.



Davie Tait
20th April 2012, 17:57
It has changed for now I'm afraid , after the last update to the forum software the thumbnails were too large and covering the descriptions so no one could read them , the only way around this was to switch it to the format we have just now , we're waiting to update the gallery software and once thats done I'm hopeful we'll be able to switch it back to the way it was before


20th April 2012, 18:14
Thanks Davie I will stop trying find out what I had done to the Gallery front page. I hope it can be changed, the previous format gave a more professional look to layout and, as I mentioned, in my view was easier to navigate.

Incidentally I cannot recall experiencing any difficulty in reading the descriptions or indeed noticing that the thumbnails were covering the description. Was it a fault that affected everyone of was it more related to individual computer settings?



Davie Tait
20th April 2012, 19:55
it was affecting almost everyone even my pc , its been a trying 2 months must admit , think I've got more grey hairs in my beard than I did ( thankfully not my hair on my head yet lol )