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Dave Leishman
13th February 2007, 18:24
Guys - I've been mailed with the following request. Any help?

I am trying to put together a lecture on a ship fire that I attended in 1992 in Belfast. The ship involved was the Veronica D602. I belive that this was later scrapped, what I am after is any photos prior to the fire and after the fire. Also if it is possible to get plans of the ship. I have been in contact with Harland and Wolff but the ship repair section that worked on this vessel has closed down. Any assistance with this would be gratefully received, many thanks.

Davie Tait
13th February 2007, 19:45
Hi Dave,
the Veronica is still working but as a seismic survey vessel instead of a factory freezer trawler. After the fire is was unecconomic to repair her as a trawler but she was sold and rebuilt and is now called the Atlantic Explorer.

Photo's :

1) http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/data/522/Veronica.jpg
2) http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/data/522/medium/1102Veronica_13-4-99.jpg
3) http://media.shipspotting.com/uploads/photos/336530.jpg

and the amazing transformation into the ship she is today

4) http://media.shipspotting.com/uploads/photos/63941.jpg
5) http://media.shipspotting.com/uploads/photos/63911.jpg
6) http://media.shipspotting.com/uploads/photos/217363.jpg

data from the original comments of photo no 6

Research vessel
Altantic Explorer left Den Helder 13th April 2006
IMO number: 8610667 Flag: Bahamas
Year of build: 1987 by Th. Helles°y Skipsbyggeri
Gross tonnage: 4475
Registered owner: PGS SHIPPING IOM LTD
Ex Names: Hellesoy-94, Veronica-93

There's what i've been able to find Dave i'd say the plans will be held by the current owners.


Dave Leishman
13th February 2007, 22:27
Many thanks for the speedy response Davie :)

I've emailed a link to this thread back to the guy that requested the info.

14th February 2007, 22:34