View Full Version : north sea trawler ?

24th March 2012, 10:06
I have a trawler called 'Esbejerg' and want to find out the maker of this model and how old it could be. i have found only one picture of one.
Any information and what it may be worth would be appreciated.

martin johns
24th March 2012, 13:08
Hi Set41. Your model was sold as a kit by Billings Boats around 20 or so years ago. As far as I know that particular model kit is not made anymore.
The boat was loosely based on a Dutch built beam trawler design & was called Polar, Esbjerg (Denmark) was supposed to be its home port.

24th March 2012, 23:37
http://rcmb.forumotion.com/t392-beam-trawler some one has made some alterations to this model which can be seen on this link ,I actually think it improves vastly