View Full Version : SS Explorer - Leith

Bob Murphy
7th February 2008, 21:51
Does anyone know what's happenning with the SS Explorer down in Leith docks? I tried to contact to organisation that's meant to be caring for her a while back but never got a reply and I was wondering how the restoration is going (assuming any is...) and how I could get involved.

The last Steam Powered Scottish Trawler would make a cracking Photo Series - if I could get anywhere near it! :confused:

Davie Tait
7th February 2008, 22:01
Last time I heard she was still in the old Dock. You can go down at the weekends for a guided tour ( I skipped the guided bit and went off on my own , well I did used to work for the Marine Lab lol ). She is in a half decent condition considering she was almost scrapped twice ( at least , and lay at the scrap yard in Inverkeithing for over a year ) and her cabins for the scientists are as they were when she went out of service in 1983 ( they are where the fish room would be in a side trawler ).

I was through her in 2000 and she is still in Leith but what her current condition is like I don't know.

Bob Murphy
18th February 2008, 22:48
She looks allright from a distance, but I can't see any way to get to her. It'd be a total waste if she was left to rot.