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21st February 2012, 22:42
Hi, Any information or history on the Trawler "Boston Hornet"502?? Currently tied up in Killala Bay harbour. Co Mayo Rep of Ireland.She is currently getting a repaint.
Anyone have any information or history etc on this boat. Thanks.

Donegal Bay.
24th February 2012, 22:14
If You search the galleries joseph You will find some photos of Her with comments which give her history.
I see the refurbished small pier is being put to good use.

29th February 2012, 08:36
New pier almost ready, Mayo Co Council just to put finishing touches to it. ... but it is being used. Boston Hornet Taking up 50% of the mooring !!! Thanks for the reply found the information that I was looking for Nice history to the boat. She is looking well in her new paint , looks like she is on the move again Thanks again.

Donegal Bay.
29th February 2012, 18:22
Where is She moving to joseph? Has She been sold?

4th March 2012, 00:08
Not sure were shes off to, a lot of local rumors as you can imagine, but she is flying the skull and cross bones !!! great old boat .. I wish her the best where ever she goes, she
deserves it. I will keep you up dated if I hear any thing positive.

13th March 2013, 23:07
Sad news, The Boston Hornet is now in the process of being scraped. She is still in Killala. A team of scrap merchants are cutting her up at the moment, Not a lot of her left. Just a floating hull, wheel house and all the decking gone, engine exposed ready for lifting out. She will be no more by the end of this week. A sad end to a lovely famous trawler, I guess she was worth more scrap value.

Davie Tait
13th March 2013, 23:17
Thats a shame to see another old sidewinder go for razorblades Joseph , guess the costs of maintaining her got too much for the owners and they couldn't find anyone to buy her

Donegal Bay.
14th March 2013, 11:26
Did You get any photos of her being broken up Joseph?

30th December 2013, 18:46
Sorry no photos of her being broken up, the team of guys that cut her up where impressive, took just 8 days. they left the harbour clean again after they had done the job. I did feel a tear on my cheek as the last truck of scrap left the harbour. Guess its just my age !!!! (old bugger)!!!