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Bob Murphy
15th February 2012, 00:48
Hello all. Does anyone happen to have a detailed, accurate model of the FRS Explorer? I've recently become the Secretary for the SS Explorer Preservation Society and we may be looking to borrow or commission a model (that's more accurate and in better condition than the one we currently have) so that we can use it on exhibition stands and so on.

I'll pop a wee post detailing where to find info on Explorer's current progress in the main section.

Many thanks,

Davie Tait
15th February 2012, 14:18
There's a model of her which is about 36'' long outside of the library doors in the Marine Lab buildings Bob which was built for the lab by the yard as far as I can remember , give the lab a phone ( 01224 876544 ) and ask for the library they should be able to help , the Lab probably holds the plans for her if not then there will be plans held by the archivist at Lloyds Marine Insurance

Bob Murphy
15th February 2012, 22:46
Would it be this one Davie? 501

I had a wee discussion a while back with the Maritime Museum and they have duplicate plans they were willing to give us, provided we could assure them that we'd be giving them a good home. If the Lab potentially have some too that would be great!

Davie Tait
15th February 2012, 22:52
Thats her Bob , looks like the Lab donated it to the museum after I left in 1999. I know that the ship manager did have the full plans for her in his office back in the 90's but whether they're in storage or disposed of ( possibly the duplicate plans the museum holds are the ones that lab had ) I couldn't tell you. A phone call to the lab to the ship manager would clear it up