View Full Version : Database problems...NOW FIXED

Davie Tait
11th December 2011, 18:09
We've had a problem with one of the database systems the site uses to run , this means that photo uploads can't be processed , no new registrations can be put on the system and I can't get into the admin panel to remove spam accounts and switch on the accounts registered since Friday evening.

Our host company has been alerted so we're hoping to be back up and running properly tomorrow as the software thats giving us problems is on the server not part of the forum or gallery software that we run

Sorry for the problems its out of our hands just now I'm afraid


robert robinson
12th December 2011, 07:02
can not view resent photos 1 day

Davie Tait
12th December 2011, 14:47
Thats because no one could upload for over 24 hours , I see Donegal Bay has managed to upload a photo and I now have access to the admin panel so looks like the database problems have been resolved thankfully

12th December 2011, 23:05
hi having a problem uploading a photo please help? It states it has been uploaded successfully but does not show in category??

Davie Tait
12th December 2011, 23:16
The photo will be too large for the site , edit the photo down to no more than 1500x1200 in jpg format ( screen size ) and around 120kb max file size and it will upload without any problems