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Davie Tait
9th December 2011, 18:40
It is a slow day in a little European Village.

The rain is beating down and the streets are deserted.

Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit.

On this particular day a rich German tourist is driving through the village, stops at the local hotel and lays a 100 note on the desk, telling the hotel owner he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one to spend the night.

The owner gives him some keys and, as soon as the visitor has walked upstairs, the hotelier grabs the 100 note and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher takes the 100 note and runs down the street to repay his debt to the pig farmer.

The pig farmer takes the 100 note and heads off to pay his bill at the supplier of feed and fuel.

The guy at the Farmers' Co-op takes the 100 note and runs to pay his drinks bill at the tavern.

The publican slips the money along to the local lady of the night drinking at the bar, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer him "services" on credit.

The hooker then rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill to the hotel owner with the 100 note.

The hotel proprietor then places the 100 note back on the counter so the rich traveller will not suspect anything.

At that moment the traveller comes down the stairs, picks up the 100 note, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, pockets the money, and leaves town.

No one produced anything.

No one earned anything.

However, the whole village is now out of debt and looking to the future with a lot more optimism.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how the bailout package works.

Davie Tait
9th December 2011, 20:02
I copied that from another website it was just too close to the truth to not go here Gavin

I only hope that the EU don't decide to get extremely vindictive ( as they are very very well known to be , Irelands multiple referenda etc ) and try to impose a huge cut in quotas or days-at-sea for the boats next week. In a way if they do it will be bad but it might just give us enough impetus to get the referendum on getting out of the EU that we all were promised 2 years ago by ALL of the political parties....

11th December 2011, 09:15
Amen to that !!!!!!!

11th December 2011, 16:53
Great post Davie.....the sooner we're out of the EU the better....Seems the only folk who want to stay in the EU are the politicians...I wonder why?