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28th January 2008, 23:47
http://www.fiskerforum.dk/kutterdata/default.asp?mode=kutter_3&kutterId=5894) :)

Davie Tait
28th January 2008, 23:51
Link fix Ole ;)
Very nice looking boat , I know the skipper was hoping she would be ready by the end of march this year

5th February 2008, 21:09
sorry to se

Davie Tait
5th February 2008, 21:18
OH SH1T not good not good at all !!!!

Kev Munro
5th February 2008, 21:32
is there a way to change the language on that site davie?

martin johns
5th February 2008, 21:34
A picture can speak a thousand words Kev. :eek:

Davie Tait
5th February 2008, 21:38
No Kev I have tried to run the text through babelfish but its not working properly. Looks like they are trying to organise her salvage and repair with the insurers and say it will seriously delay her completion

Davie Tait
5th February 2008, 21:39
Oh Sh1t just realised that this is the Harvester PD98...... the last one sunk when pair trawling and this one sunk before she was completed !!!

5th February 2008, 21:40
job for Ebbe Henning or Ole

5th February 2008, 22:34
Shame :(

Was the old Harvester the one that was run down in fog and sank of shetland ? think it was a lewis hull

Kev Munro
5th February 2008, 22:37
photo here fastcat,



Davie Tait
5th February 2008, 22:38
Yes she was run down by the Strilmoy and she was one of the 86ft Spinningdale class boats built by Lewis ( my complete list is in the requests & research section )

5th February 2008, 22:39
cheers lads, never thought to look myself :D

Davie Tait
6th February 2008, 01:18
Got a limited translation now

A newly built trawler doesn't look so new farther.

That now lies with the bottom up in the Skaw harbour after an unsuccessful sea-sentence.

The ship capsized on Monday evening about 20:00.00, were launched after a month-long rebuilding.

Manager at Karstensens Skibsværft, Knud Degn Karstensen, informs to jp.dk that one not yet has found the cause of the capsizing.

When the fishing boat took a list and capsized, there were three employees on board.

They however got over in a likely tugboat without drama.

Looks for the cause

The ship now lies with the bottom up, surrounded by a float-barring in order to prevent pollution.

Back for the shipyard now is to find the cause of the accident as well as repair the damages the involuntary waterline has brought about.

The trawler is built on a core structure, who was eased from Poland to the Skaw in January.

Since then the shipbuilding yard has made the trawler, but ready not made something, who gives an explanation at the capsizing, Knud Degn Karstensen informs.

6th February 2008, 10:53
did they salvage the new havester? shame :(

Davie Tait
6th February 2008, 21:53

Oh boy , the only thing is the Ocean Harvester is obviously no where near ready for delivery in a months time ( far too light ) so here's hoping the delivery date was pushed back and the damage isn't as bad as first thought

Davie Tait
6th February 2008, 22:37
Both hulls only got delivered to the yard in the last 2 weeks so hopefully neither will have engines fitted so the damage done should be easily repairable if that is the case.

8th February 2008, 18:20

Davie Tait
8th February 2008, 20:01
The engines were fitted at the yard that built the hulls so her engines are written off , BUT , heard today that they have already got replacement engines ( there were spare in Denmark ) and they only expect a delay of 4-5 weeks so looking like a delivery of June/July

8th February 2008, 20:31

Davie Tait
27th March 2008, 20:29

You can see where they have repaired the hull so looking a lot better than the last photo we saw of her

27th March 2008, 23:53
new photo


7th April 2008, 23:21

2nd June 2008, 21:58


Davie Tait
2nd June 2008, 22:18
WOW what a pair of ships , you can still see where the repair to the Harvester was done but so what I would think the boat will not have any problems now.

All the best for the skippers and I hope they fill both boats as soon as they get started.

Well done Karstensens on delivering 2 fantastic new builds for the Peterhead fleet

Davie Tait
2nd June 2008, 22:34
I have contacted the yard to ask their permission to post a photo of each boat , hopefully we will get permission

Davie Tait
3rd June 2008, 11:40
Kent Damgaard has granted us permission to host 2 of their photos of these trawlers which are now in the Vessels under Construction section.