View Full Version : uploading pictures

torry boy
15th November 2011, 14:41
hi guys seem to have a problem uploading pics i click on the upload photos link go through the process press submit but no photos appear on the site. am at a loss as to whats happening to the photos any help appreciated thanks doug

Davie Tait
15th November 2011, 14:56
Sounds like the photos are too large for the site Doug , make sure they're edited down to no more than 1500x1200 and no larger than about 120kb in .jpg format and they will upload without any problems. If the photos are larger than this it says they've been uploaded but the site only has a set amount of time to try and resize images down and always runs out droping the file ( this is to make sure the site doesn't crash or slow right down )


torry boy
15th November 2011, 15:14
thanks davie will check this out.doug