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28th October 2011, 21:43
Historic lifeboat Owners Association.

The Historic Lifeboat Owners Association has a website where members can post articles, information, make requests for information, parts or help with their boats, etc.
This will be in place of the postal Newsletter which we have discontinued for the moment as there has been little information from members to put in print, however any members who do not have internet access will be kept informed if they let us know.
Please remember no input, no output.
if you have an article to publish we can do it for you, send it to;

Fowey Ex lifeboat Rally 2011.

Due to representation from a significant number of HLOA members, many of them also LBES members,
The Historic Lifeboat Owners Association dis-associates its’self from Andy Iannetta, his vessel Mabel Alice and Offshore Marine Support.
Comments allegedly made by Mr Iannetta directed at members of the Fowey RNLI fundraising team at the annual rally and a later alleged attack on the organizers, who are members of both the above organizations, on an internet chat page, appear in the opinion of the HLOA legal consultant, completely without justification and are unacceptable to the HLOA
The Historic Lifeboat Owners Association was formed to promote interest in these historic boats, to offer friendship among members and to support events like the extremely popular annual Fowey Rally and others, we are well aware that the organising of these events is not easy and the Association fully supports and recognises the Fowey team for their efforts.
The Historic Lifeboat Owners Association is aware that there may be an ongoing dispute between Mr Iannetta and the RNLI regarding the colour scheme of his vessel, this is a matter for the parties involved.
The Association has a good working relationship with the RNLI who it thinks are willing to allow the older “traditional boats” to remain in service colours and wear the logos and emblems of the period in which they served, so long as this is not abused and does not bring the RNLI into disrepute.
The HLOA does not wish in any way to discourage this willingness or allow damage to its broader reputation and therefore, regretably feels compelled to publish this notice of