View Full Version : Should the UK withdraw from the EU

2nd October 2011, 15:40
read in numerous newspapers this morning that the public in UK are going to be given a vote by Christmas 2011 on whether to stay in the EU........

Is this true, or just another load of bull s***.

If so, which way will you vote???

the sooner we are no more a member of this shambolick devious money swallowing pit, that has ruined our laws, fishing and mining/steelworks and manufacturing trade........not to mention the sham and shambles that france put us through with regards to Mad cow and the beef trade, the better I'll feel!!

Is salvation near to hand at last???

I'll be first to the polls with my withdraw vote.


Davie Tait
2nd October 2011, 15:49
Parliament will be asked to vote on it but it will not be binding on the government , call-me-Dave has today said he will NOT give us a vote , refuses point blank to allow a referendum regardless of how the rest of the country feels

2nd October 2011, 18:57
and I thought he was supposed to be the man of the party that was going to listen to the electorate???

Davie Tait
2nd October 2011, 19:40
Yup got a nerve demanding the likes of Gaddafi listens to the "democratic rights" of his people then goes and completely ignores our rights to decide where our laws are made , total and utter hypocrite !!!

3rd October 2011, 17:25
Guy Fawkes - where are you now we really need you? :-)

6th January 2012, 22:39
NO!....Because we won't be able to retire there! Sorry a tad selfish!

7th January 2012, 14:37
YES GET US OUT then hopefully those in power in Northern Ireland would be able to sort our fleet over here instead of letting it rot away stuck in port,or worse reposed to the bloody banks!!!
how many boat in the UK are in fact the owners of vessels but refuse to let them be worked,as is the case here