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2nd October 2011, 09:07
I have an old 6 channel Sanwa radio system and have only 4 servos. Can anyone advise me if I can get the appropriate servos, model Conquest Mark 2, servos are SM631. If I have to buy another 6 channel radio control, can anyone recomend a decent one. Thank you, AlanD.

2nd October 2011, 15:47
you can pick them up regularly on Ebay..toys and hobbies section alan....for pennies really compared with what they used to cost...the servos aren't frequency regulated so 27/40 meg will work fine with any servo..probably even 35meg servos for aircraft will work on a 27 / 40 meg set.


2nd October 2011, 16:30

Thank you for your reply.
Hopefully can pick up a couple and save buying a new 6 channel set.

3rd October 2011, 20:29
alan, my sanwa servos actually work with my Hitec trani and receiver, so probably hitec servos will work with sanwa gear.....another option.

Davie Tait
3rd October 2011, 22:07
I think you're right Neil , I have 2 different brands of 40meg transmitters with their receivers and the servos are HiTec and fit both and work fine. Also I found a neat "trick" I bought a HiTec Flash 4 which was in 2 channel configuration , I opened up the case and found that there were a couple of small plates screwed into the back of each lever control , took these out and got 4 channel working again , neat trick on a tx that I bought as a 2 channel off Ebay for a tenner !!

4th October 2011, 08:33
Thank you for your help. I have been told that the electronic speed controllers just plug into the reciever. If they fit my Sanwa I still have 4 servos free for steering, triplex and power block and shooting the net and an extra or use it for the thruster.

8th October 2011, 16:05
Ihave got a new handset i use for all my boats moter &sail it is a planetT5 2.4 megs one hand set for all my boats gotit mail order from HOWES models plus 1recever at momment 47