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22nd January 2008, 12:23
wondering what it means! it says 14 messages. all refering to comments ive put on pics. says jonah has added comment to your pic. but they are my pics.is this a new thing jonah..

Davie Tait
22nd January 2008, 15:40
This is part of the updated Gallery software. If you click on each photo link it takes you to the photo direct. It records your own comments too which is a pain. If you don't want to read through them just scroll down and click delete all and forget about them for a while.


22nd January 2008, 16:34
Okydoky.they Say Spearing Makes You Wise. Its True.. Jonah

Rob Andrew
22nd January 2008, 20:30
I'm wondering when it'll kick in for me.