View Full Version : Steam Trawler Loch Lyon.

30th August 2011, 22:20
Does anybody have a photograph that they could submit of the steam trawler Loch Lyon scrapped in Charlestown in the early 60's?
I ask this because I bought her 18-foot dinghy as my first boat. There was a fleet of trawler dinghies to choose from in the Metal Industries at that time but the rest were all only 16 feet.
Any photo would be much appreciated.

Davie Tait
30th August 2011, 23:20
Can't find any photos of her online but have found some information

http://float-trawlers.lancashire.gov.uk/index.php?a=showall&s=item&key=AYTozOntpOjA7czoxOiIxIjtpOjE7czoxOiI2IjtpOjI7c zoxOiI3Ijt9&pg=3089

31st August 2011, 20:51
Thank you Davie. I too had already found the information about her but like yourself, I could not find a photograph on line. Hopefully somebody mught read this and have an old photograph somewhere. Thanks for trying anyway.

29th December 2011, 19:50
I have a book 'Metal Industries. Shipbreaking at Rosyth and Charlestown' by Ian Buxton
On page 97:-
Loch Lyon Trawler 225G 1916
Sold by C F Graham, Aberdeen to Northern Shipbreaking, Peterhead. Resold to BISCO [British Iron & Steel Corporation (Salvage) Ltd] for 2545. Arrived Charlestown 18/3/1960. Demolition commenced 1/8/1961

This is a really interesting read with some great photographs. Last I heard Ian Buxton was on the staff at Newcastle University. Perhaps a letter to him might come up with un-published photographs from 1960.