View Full Version : Any one in the Inverness area building model fishing boats

18th August 2011, 19:54
Hi Alasdair here have been out of commission for 5 years due to having 4 children under 4, 5, 7, 9 three boys and a girl. Have had no time!!!!. trying to get back in to building the Maggie M for my 9 year old, have never worked with fibreglass before all my boats have been wooden static, just wondered if there is any one in the Inverness area could give some advice on radio control fittings and ballast before i glue the deck on. Want to get as much working as possible in side the boat.
Been number of years since i was on the site still the best online for detail and the quality of boats

20th August 2011, 22:14
Try http://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/forum/index.php or http://rcmb.forumotion.com/forum also there is a model shop in Inverness cant remember the name but remember seeing a stand in the Eastgate maybe some more help for you

22nd August 2011, 20:31
Thanks will have a look at the website and drop in to the model shop it is now in the Victorian Marked in the city centre where the Old Model shop used to be