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20th January 2008, 02:00
Hi could anyone help me find out the type of boat and what it was used for


its a Poole harbour fishing vessel but the only evidence of any commercial equipment on board are 2 scaffolding attachments on the steel upper structure seen in one of the photos

i can tell you it was first registered in 1944 and if you want them some details on the construction methods

basic dimensions
Registered length: 8.1m
Actual Length:8.7m
breadth: 2.77m

its for my degree and the reports due in for Monday so any help is appreciated

21st January 2008, 19:28
might it be an old naval pinnace?There were quite a few of them up here in Western Isles when I was a kid, this one looks kind of similar. Think this one could do with a spot of P38....