View Full Version : Uploading Picture Problems

15th January 2008, 18:48
I am just letting you know that there is a problem with uploading pictures.

I am trying to upload a picture to the Scotland over 9.9 and it is not in the Category bar to upload them to..there must be a problem


15th January 2008, 19:34
I'm having the same problem, no category for england!!

martin johns
15th January 2008, 19:34
I see what you mean. There are a lot missing. I'll PM Davie & let him know.

Davie Tait
15th January 2008, 19:50
OK should be back online now , don't know why that happened but all the uploads had been disabled into the over 9.9 and under 9.9 UK lists. I've not heard from Henning so this must have been a system glitch.