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15th January 2008, 13:11
I'm sure I've seen a reference to STARELLA but if I put that into the search nothing comes back. Would I be right in saying that the searching only works if you get the exact spelling. Or is searching only possible if folk include the keywords? [plans for a 1960 Starella are on eBay 15/1/2008]
Would like to be able to do 'wildcard' searches such as *STAR* to match anything with the characters STAR within the name.
Also does searching work on comments that have been posted? Would be brilliant if it could.

Davie Tait
15th January 2008, 15:14
The search works best from the main gallery page and if you type in STAR it looks for STAR in any combination of other words ( daySTAR , STARlight , etc ) for some reason the search doesn't seem to work properly from the individual galleries although that hopefully should be fixed once we have upgraded the Gallery software to the latest version.