View Full Version : New Vessel Categories

Boy David 57
14th January 2008, 13:54
As you will have noticed I have a lot of pictures of Manx boats. Would it not be fair to have a section for the Manx boats the same as there is for English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish etc.............Only a thought..............

14th January 2008, 21:03
next they will want their own goverment, and think they live on a island. lol
up to the powers that be !!

Davie Tait
14th January 2008, 21:07
Already done so its up to the Manx men to move their photos into the gallery now:D :eek:

If there is enough call for it ( need to be more than 20-30 photos ) i'll also add in a Channel Islands Gallery under the UK main gallery.


Boy David 57
14th January 2008, 22:52
OK Davie thats fine. Will I be able to move my own pictures into the Manx category now as well then??
Thanks for your help

Davie Tait
14th January 2008, 22:54
Yes just click on the Admin Options and edit the photo which lets you move it to the new category

Boy David 57
14th January 2008, 23:01
Spot on, thanks for your help Davie.