View Full Version : matthew harvey and lifeboat

14th January 2008, 10:39
watch the video on this site and see what you think a poor day www.scarborougheveningnews.co.uk/video/fishing-boats-lifeboat-escort-in.3639928.jp

martin johns
14th January 2008, 22:42
That certainly was dramatic when she broached Paul. :eek:
Was she coming up to Scarborough from Newlyn ?

21st February 2008, 14:05
no this boat had come to work out of sh working pots he was guna earn thousands she has not moved since that day she was escorted in think all hands have done a runner

21st February 2008, 22:11
Cheers, Paul, scary stuff. Seem to remember piccying this boat down at Newlyn a couple of years ago. Dunno why the report refers to it as a coble tho...

23rd February 2008, 10:16
now graham well you go what the press are like how things north of whitby

6th March 2008, 01:54
great little sea boat.bet there was a bad smell in the wheelhouse by the the time he got ashore,lol

6th March 2008, 19:47
yeah dory, i don`t know why the crew done a runner i`d have every confidence in that wee boat after coming through that. i mean what`s the chances of that happening to you again? and if it did you would know she would take it.

7th March 2008, 10:15
get the skipper a pint....he'll be needin it!!!

7th March 2008, 14:25
Im Like Restleswave, After That ,wouldn,t Be Worrying About Her Seakeeping Abilities She,s Just Proved Herself, Able Enough For Nearly Anything!!

9th March 2008, 22:31
just heard this weekend that skipper has been on a brid boat to sort gear out he has got a crew and willbe sailing shortly no life on board as yet